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Tetra Pond Clarifier quickly clumps contaminants so they can be easily removed by filtration. Okay to use in ponds with plants!

  • Keeps pond clear
  • Safely clumps contaminants into sinking, removable masses
  • Clumps can be removed by pond filter, pond vacuum, or skimming net.
  • Regular use prevents cloudy and discolored pond water.
  • Safe for fish and plants when used as directed.

Fast-acting water conditioner for crystal clear ponds and water gardens. Pond Clarifier clumps suspended particulate matter for easier removal by filtration systems. Helps existing pond filtration system work more efficiently to quickly clear cloudy and discolored water. When used as directed, Pond Clarifier will not harm pond life and plants. 16.9 ounce bottle treats 2,500 gallons.

Directions for Use
Shake well before use. For best results, use Pond Clarifier in the morning.

10 ml for every 50 gallons of tap water. 1/4 cup (60 ml) for every 300 gallons of pond water.

  • DILUTE the proper dosage in a bucket of water.
  • POUR diluted mixture into the pond evenly along the edges and in the middle.
  • STIR pond water with hose spray or stick to further distribute the solution throughout the pond.

PROVIDE AERATION to the pond with a fountain, waterfall, of air pump when using this product. Keep pump(s) running 24 hours a day.

REMOVE clumps of contaminants from the bottom of the pond with a fine mesh net or pond vacuum. Pond filters will also remove the clumps.

REDOSE as required, allowing 3 days between treatments. Use 1/2 dosage (10 ml for every 100 gallons of pond water).

When using this product, Carbonate Hardness should be maintained at a level greater than or equal to 1-2 DH. If in doubt about your waters hardness, replace 20% of your ponds volume with fresh water. Be sure to use AquaSafe water conditioner any time you add water to the pond. Do not use more frequently than every three days to avoid excessively stressing the fish. Provide adequate aeration using fountains, waterfalls, or air pumps. Keep pump(s) running 24 hours a day.

For outdoor ornamental ponds only.

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