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Simplify water changes with Zoo Meds Terra Pump aquatic habitat drain pump! The powerful motor will drain most habitats in under 5 minutes and will refill with the same speed. The Terra Pump is engineered with side mounting suction cups at the intake line, so you can secure the device to the glass and have it auto shut off once youve drained to the desired level.

  • The Terra Pump is a Compact High Volume Pump
  • Quickly Drain or Fill any Size Paludarium or Aquatic Habitat
  • Simplify Water Changes
  • Pump has a 5 Feet Max Head
  • Works with Freshwater or Marine Aquariums, Turtle Tanks, or Paludariums

When its time to refill the habitat, you can avoid multiple trips with heavy buckets by placing the pump in a bucket of clean water and having it effortlessly refill your habitat. The pump has a ?5 feet max head?, which means its powerful enough to deliver water into the habitat 5 feet above the reservoir its pumping from. Works with freshwater or marine aquariums, paludariums, and turtle tanks.

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