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Coastal Pet Single Nylon Collar - Black
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Coastal Pet Single Nylon Collar - Black

  Coastal Pets Single Nylon Collars are made of high quality nylon that is specially processed to prevent fraying and increase strength. All nylon products are carefully and neatly finished for comfort, appeal and durability....

Dog Collars & Harnesses

CutestPetSupplies sells all types of dog collar & harnesses, muzzles and flea & tick collars.  Dogs are naturally curious and want nothing more than to go see the sights around the neighborhood.  Most owners pick the type of collar or harness that reflects their own style or the style that matches the type of dog.  Have a tiny, toy dog?  Maybe a purple collar with flowers on it.  Have a big rottweiler? Perhaps a spiked collar.

If you have a feisty dog that tends to get out of their leash, then a dog harness is the way to go.  If your dog just had surgery or has an open sore and you need to keep them from licking it, a muzzle will do the trick.  Muzzles are great for aggressive dogs who have the potential to bite.

CutestPetSupplies products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.  We do everything we can to work with our manufacturers to ensure that you get the quality you expect, the service you deserve and the best prices in the industry. 

Your online discount dog collars & harnesses store.

We have all your dog collar and harnesses needs, such as Collars - Leather | Collars - Nylon | Harnesses - Dog | Harnesses Safety, &  Muzzles all offered with fast shipping.  Order your discount dog collars & harnesses today and get free shipping over the qualified amount.  |



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